So, how does the business IT consultation work?

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Our expert DataOne IT consultants listen to your needs and dive deep into the realm of your business to assess your current business system processes. We talk to you without the fancy terminology about your issues and recommend the best possible long term solution to maximise your profitability (by reducing your overall cost)...

After the initial consultation, you will be supplied with a plan outlining the most cost effective way of improving your business for the long term. You’re probably thinking this means a complete overhaul of current systems and a whole lot of dough, right? Wrong.

Existing applications are retained or reused wherever possible or an off-the-shelf product may be utilised with integrated custom software designed to suit your business needs.

We specialise in determining an ideal balance between full replacement and using your applications for as long as is practical, whilst moving towards an efficient long term strategy.

In any case, DataOne excels in customised IT software development and database design. So if there is an automated process that needs to be developed to suit your business 'to a tee', we are the people you can trust to do it. There are no strings attached and best of all the initial assessment is free. So what do you have to lose, or gain for that matter?