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What process (software development lifecycle) is used?

For over 10 years DataOne has developed large complex Enterprise Software Systems development with commercial high quality databases using many different technologies.  We employ senior software engineers, follow a quality development lifecycle and process to reduce project risk and ensure success.

Design Methodology (Software Development Lifecycle)

DataOne follows an ISO 9001 quality Engineering Standard to create your software system successfully. Software projects that succeed, match requirements, built to a high quality, minimum long term cost and low risk proven results is what DataOne is about. The directors have worked professionally in software development commercially for over 30 years with many changing software development processes such as:

  • Top Down / WaterFall Development Process
  • V LIfe Cycle Process
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Agile Development Process (AGILE)
  • Rapid Development Process (RAD)

We have formulated our best practise approach following a modified Top Down (initially), then RUP process but incorprate features of rapid or Agile development such as automated testing, release drops and daily build and test reports. The process includes the following typical steps:

Development Steps

  • A written proposal outlining 'Project Requirements' (Document)
  • Software Design (Document)
  • Software Prototype (if necessary)
  • Software Coding and Development
  • Controlled releases and Software Testing. We specialise in Automated Software Testing to reduce your total cost
  • Software Deployment (through Development, Test and Production environments)
  • Customer acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Training


We develop enterprise applications using ISO 9001 Quality Procedures to ensure your software project succeeds and:

  • Is built to a High Quality standard with fewer defects
  • Has Predictable pricing, reports and schedules
  • Has less rework and maximum re-use of developed code
  • Establishes a long term relationship with DataOne; committed to your success
  • We use Plain English communication, feedback and updates on progress with you regularly
  • We provide ongoing maintenance and support

Assessment & Technical Architecture

We offer consulting to assess your business and ensure your needs are being met. This results in a report detailing a long term solution and strategy of migration. Integration Where there are shortfalls identified in the Technical Architecture proposed we offer fixed price quotes to develop services or integrate into off the shelf products to extend functionality provided to fill 'gaps in functionality' or improve your total IT infrastructure interoperability.

Purchase & Deployment

We provide setup and deployment of products off the shelf such as SharePoint, ESB's, Servers, Hardware and server products to suit your strategy, budget and long term proposal to obtain best of breed solutions at the best cost.

Version Control

Note at all points of the process new versions are developed, tracked with source control as a 'release version' and migrated through several physical deployments to reduce risk and follow ISO 9001 quality processes.

Documented Environments

This include development, testing, user acceptance and production environments.

Bug Fixes and Documented Test Failures

We have a commercial bugfix system setup to log, track and correct faults / bugs found in our products. In this way a documentation trail is created tracking a bug wihtin a specified version of a product and corrected in a new release version and traced and signed off once released to testing and passed.

At all stages of the project the customer is in control of the project through regular feedback.