What are software requirements and why do I need it?

Software Requirements 

Many people ask us the same question.  How much will this software cost? before they even know what they are asking for.  IE What is it your business needs?  When shopping around for a car you need to know what you require from the vehicle.  ie the number of people it will carry, the load, the performance and the economy.  Only until these questions have been asked and answered can requirements be defined in a document. 

DataOne is happy for you to begin this process and is able to finish it in a formal document that is agreed on before the expensive work of design and development is begun.

DataOne offers our customers some overall consultancy (Initial Assessment) to customers to review the business process you have and the software systems you currently use. Remember your total cost of ownership is more important than a cheap job done badly and then thrown away.


Initial Assessment

We offer consulting to assess your business and ensure your needs are being met. This results in a report detailing a long term solution and strategy of migration. Integration where there are shortfalls identified in the Technical Architecture proposed we offer fixed price quotes to develop services or integrate into off the shelf products to extend functionality provided to fill 'gaps in functionality' or improve your total IT infrastructure interoperability.