What is software testing and why do we need it?

Software Testing

Testing software is difficult to achieve without a reasonable budget.  If a project is to succeed to match requirements then it needs to be tested thoroughly to ensure it does what was required as agreed at the project start.  If minimal testing can be gotten away with it is normally a low risk low profile area such as an internal application not public and not collecting valuable information.  The higher profile it is the more it needs to be tested.

Testing proves a bug exists but can't prove it doesn't and can be painfully time intensive.  That said we employ the following to reduce costs:

  • Creation of unit automated tests
  • Testing documents to outline tests performed
  • Formal environments such as dev, test, UAT and production
  • Versioning and formal quality release mechanisms to ensure proper and secure migration of a new version

DataOne is very experienced in using the latest techniques combined with experienced senior developers to ensure your project is successful, whatever the project.