Efficiently Schedule & Route Service Vehicles

Planning routing and scheduling of service vehicles is a time-consuming and laborious task, especially when there are multiple depots and vehicles spread around a large geographical area. There are many business tasks awaiting completion at many locations on the designated day. Our solution schedules & routes a fleet of vehicles in seconds. This demonstration allows you to observe the results of our solution and even try your own sample data.

Key Features:

  • Remote access for staff to obtain by mobile or laptop their tasks/jobs for the day.
  • Remote access for staff to complete (or defer) jobs by mobile or laptop
  • Management to be able to view crews status and jobs as they complete live
  • Reporting on staff progress / performance (time / job etc)

Suiltable for Tradesman, Delivery, Surveying, vehicle based service crews of any type.

     Click here to try out our demo

Feedback Help Desk Application

We built a Web based application that allows for timely and trackable faults and complaints to be received and dealt with from the public.